Boy, 8, uses Heimlich to save Grandma |

Boy, 8, uses Heimlich to save Grandma

F.T. Norton

CARSON CITY, Nev. – A Carson City grandmother is crediting her 8-year-old grandson with saving her life after the little third-grader performed the Heimlich Manuever on her.

Phyllis Maita, 60, said she was eating a bowl of beef soup Tuesday when a piece of meat became lodged in her throat.

“All of a sudden, I couldn’t breathe. I was trying to cough, and I couldn’t cough. I took a couple steps into my bathroom, and I was holding onto my sink, leaning over, when Philip came in there,” she said.

Philip, who is being raised by his grandmother, said he had once seen his father perform the Heimlich Manuever on a man who was choking.

He said he knew his grandmother was in trouble, “because I knew that’s what it sounds like when people are choking,” he said.

Maita said that as she was hunched over the sink, Philip came up behind her, wrapped his skinny little arms around her, pressed his fist to her chest and began pumping.

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After a couple of thrusts, two pieces of beef became dislodged, she said.

“I sat down on my bed and was breathing again, and I was just kissing and hugging him and saying ‘Thank you,'” she recalled Thursday. “If Philip wasn’t there, I probably would have choked to death.”