Boy on motorized scooter hit by van |

Boy on motorized scooter hit by van

Susan Wood

Dan Thrift / Tahoe Daily Tribune/ Police are thankful a boy riding this scooter was tossed from it in front of Bijou Elementary School Monday afternoon. The boy received minor injuries.

A Bijou Elementary School student appears lucky to be alive after his motor scooter collided with a van Monday afternoon at Spruce and Herbert avenues in South Lake Tahoe.

The boy, who was transported to Barton Memorial Hospital with minor injuries, apparently pulled out of a driveway next to the school in front of a white van driven by Blandina Chavez, according to Chavez. Chavez’s 14-year-old daughter, Daisy, who was riding in the van, said her mother was startled by the scooter – which was dragged about 20 feet. It was under the front of the van when South Lake Tahoe police responded to the 3:35 p.m. call.

“From what I see, I’m surprised he walked away from this. What saved him is he got tossed,” Officer Ric Martinez said.

The boy was not wearing a helmet as required by law, but no citations were issued. Motor scooters are largely unregulated but must keep to the right to allow faster traffic to pass on streets. No license or registration is required to drive them, but scooters are prohibited if they cannot travel at least 5 mph. They also cannot be driven on sidewalks.

Police blocked off Spruce Avenue while receiving eyewitness accounts where a crowd had gathered.

“None of you guys are wearing your helmets,” Martinez scolded the other youngsters standing in the road on their bikes. Martinez is a parent.

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“We got this call, and my heart was just pounding,” said Sgt. Brian Williams, who also went to the scene.