Bret Ernst climbs comedy’s ladder to Tahoe Improv stage |

Bret Ernst climbs comedy’s ladder to Tahoe Improv stage

Howie Nave, Lake Tahoe Action

If you’re not familiar with Bret Ernst, you’re not alone, but he’s quickly becoming a known entity outside the comedy community and will be headlining at the Improv at Harveys Resort and Casino for the first time. Bret appeared on Showtime’s “Comics Without Borders” and “Weeds.” A few years back Bret was part of Vince Vaughn’s “Wild West Comedy Show: 30 Days & 30 Nights — Hollywood to the Heartland,” and he appeared on the hit series, “CSI: NY,” is a regular on E! Entertainment’s “The Chelsea Lately Show,” has been on Comedy Central’s “Premium Blend,” ABC’s “Comics Unleashed” and “The Late Late Show” on CBS. An East Coaster born in New Jersey, he attended high school in South Florida and played collegiate football in New York. He is now a permanent West Coaster who seems to be spending as much time on screen as he does on stage. Ernst was the host of “Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too” on the female-friendly Oxygen network (sorry, Lifetime) and also appeared in his own half-hour “Comedy Central Presents” special, so yeah, Bret is making waves in this biz rather nicely. This being Bret’s first time up here, he’ll need to adapt to the higher elevation because his style of comedy tends to be physical, so if he passes out before the punchline is delivered, it won’t be as funny. You reading this, Ernst?

Frazer Smith was born to do radio. When he first arrived out of the womb, there was a seven-second delay so no naughty words would come out describing his shock being outside of his incubator studio. As he got older, he never reached puberty, already having that FM-sounding voice where even his teachers in elementary school assumed he was just a very short high school student. And, yes, I am very jealous, so don’t go there, OK? When he came of age, Frazer was tapped to be part of the very successful KLOS FM in Los Angeles where thousands tuned in to hear his very popular segment on that radio station. He later went on to start his own show, “The Green Room” (on All Comedy Radio) which can be heard in well over 160 markets. Smith even had a show on NBC called “Rock ’n’ America” that aired after “Saturday Night Live,” which is not a bad lead-in, now is it? His comedy has a rapid-fire style to it, which makes him, pound-for-pound, one of the best one-liner comedians working today (sorry, Greg Otto and Geechy Guy). Frazer also is an accomplished writer with several projects currently being considered for development. This is Frazer’s first time back in a long time and we sure do miss his one-liners (especially if you have A.D.D.). He’s got a lot of them. You’ll still be laughing from what he just said as he’s already getting into the next one.

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