Broken water main, gas line trigger geyser-like leak at Lake Tahoe |

Broken water main, gas line trigger geyser-like leak at Lake Tahoe

A water main break on Tuesday caused a leak in an adjacent gas line which triggered a geyser-like leak on Seneca Drive.
Provided / STPUD

MEYERS, Calif. — A broken water line located next to a gas line sent a geyser of water shooting from a local street Tuesday.

South Tahoe Public Utility District was alerted to a water leak on Seneca Drive on Tuesday. At the scene, staff observed water gushing from a broken water main and smelled gas. That triggered a call to Southwest Gas and 911 in order to shutoff the gas.

STPUD staff determined the cause of the leak was due to aging infrastructure — a 1967 era, 8-inch steel water main. Old age and corrosion forced the pipe to split.

The ruptured water main impacted a 2-inch gas line located parallel to the water line. The combination of gas and water shot a geyser up onto the street, according to STPUD.

Numerous agencies assisted in securing the location.

Lake Valley Fire Protection District and El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office lead evacuations of the street and helped divert water to minimize property damage.

STPUD and Southwest Gas also assisted in evacuations and worked together to clamp the gas line.

STPUD repaired the water main and worked with Lake Valley and El Dorado County to clean up the area.

The utility district, in a press release, said the incident was an example of community partners working together.

STPUD recommends calling the local water company if a water leak is observed. Call 911 immediately if you smell gas.

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