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Burglary suspect has prelim rescheduled (again)

William Ferchland

Shannan Smith, charged with four counts of burglary that could bring a maximum of five years in prison, had her often-rescheduled preliminary hearing set for June 24.

Judge Jerald Lasarow, who has let his impatience on the case be known, again voiced his displeasure of the attorneys’ requests Thursday at El Dorado County Superior Court.

“I’m tired of everyone running the court except the judge,” Lasarow said.

Defense attorney Paul Palant and prosecutor Lisa Serafini reportedly need more time to go over evidence in the matter.

Smith was arrested Nov. 4 with Robert Kelly after authorities followed them after a break-in at Ski Run Laundromat. Smith, who has no criminal history, is the daughter of Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith, who sat in the courtroom with Shannan on Thursday.

Attorney Paul Palant said his client is not guilty.

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“She wasn’t involved in any activity,” Palant said. “(Robert Kelly) would go out and steal things she didn’t know.”

Kelly was sentenced in February to four years in state prison on four counts of burglary. He was accused of many more crimes and ordered to pay more than $8,000 to the many businesses that were broken into during the night or early morning hours during the crime sprees.