California’s findings on domestic violence released |

California’s findings on domestic violence released

Jennifer Kline

In December 2003, Attorney General Bill Lockyer formed the Task Force on Local Criminal Justice Response to Domestic Violence to gather statewide data on four areas: Obtaining and enforcing restraining orders, prosecuting misdemeanor domestic violence cases, holding batterers accountable and law enforcement response to health practitioner reports of abuse.

It conducted close to 300 interviews with practitioners, examined hundreds of documents and collected testimony from 69 witnesses at six public hearings throughout the state. In June 2005, the Task Force reported its findings in “Keeping the Promise: Victim Safety and Batterer Accountability.” The 111 page report is available online at

The Task Force reported witnessing firsthand how much can be accomplished to correct existing problems when there is strong local leadership and cooperation among agencies. It is a report filled with hope and optimism for the future – if local communities and state agencies work closely together to implement the recommendations provided.

Domestic violence is a devastating crime that affects predominantly women and children in the South Lake Tahoe community.

In 2004, 1,639 people sought services and support at the South Lake Tahoe Women’s Center for Domestic Violence related issues. The South Lake Tahoe Women’s Center is proud to have strong collaborative relationships with local law enforcement agencies which continue to be one of the largest sources of referrals to the Women’s Center.

The South Lake Tahoe Women’s Center is a community agency that addresses domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse and basic needs. The agency provides a 24-hour crisis line, crisis intervention, individual and group counseling for adults and children, parenting education, Batterers Treatment Program and more.

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– Jennifer Kline is a court advocate for the South Lake Tahoe Women’s Center. E-mail her at