Callicrate to defend IVGID board candidacy in court

If eligible, Callicrate wants to 'see through and finish what we’ve been working on’

Miranda Jacobson

INCLINE VILLAGE, Nev. — General Improvement District Board of Trustees Chairman Tim Callicrate is due to appear in Washoe County court at 10 a.m. Tuesday, April 5, to defend his ability to run for a board spot in the upcoming primary election.

Tim Callicrate

The court will be ruling if Callicrate is eligible to run in the upcoming election or if his candidacy is invalid due to reaching his term limit to serve.

“The order to appear and show cause requires Mr. Callicrate to appear before the court and show why he does qualify for the office of trustee, Incline Village General Improvement District,” said Washoe County District Attorney’s Office Assistant Attorney for the Civil Division Nathan Edwards. “As for next steps, the DA’s Office will review the law and any documentation submitted to the court in the matter, appear at the hearing, and be available to answer questions the court may have regarding the grounds for the petition.

“At the conclusion of the hearing, it is expected that the court will consider all information presented and issue a ruling on the challenge to Mr. Callicrate’s candidacy.”

Callicrate filed for the 2022 race, even though he has served a total of 12 years as a board member.

According to Callicrate, he made the decision to run after confirming with the Washoe County Registrar of Voters office that he was still able to run since legislation about term limits was passed two years after he was elected to office.

According to Nevada Constitution Article 15, Section 3, “No person may be elected to any state office or local governing body who has served in that office, or at the expiration of his current term if he is so serving will have served, 12 years or more, unless the permissible number of terms or duration of service is otherwise specified in this Constitution.”

The DA’s office confirmed that Callicrate initially served on the board from Jan. 1997-Dec. 2000, before taking a hiatus and seeking re-election 14 years later. He began serving again in 2015, before getting re-elected in 2018. His current term will end in December 2022.

“At which time he will have served a total of 12 years in that office,” Edwards said.

Callicrate explained that he spoke with the DA’s office in February of 2022 to confirm his eligibility before filing to run as a candidate. When Washoe County Deputy DA Herbert Kaplan reached out to notify Callicrate of the challenge to his candidacy, the current IVGID chairman saw it as an opportunity to clear up the confusion to whether or not he can run.

“I’ve been in this community for 37 years,” said Callicrate. “I’m not going to do something that is going to be against the law.”

The hearing will put a final declaration to Callicrate’s legitimacy to run and will determine the final ballot list for the 2022 election.

Currently, there are seven candidates that include Callicrate running for the two, four year seats open on the board. Candidates include Albert Buckner, Yolanda Knaak, Gail Krolick, Bradley Mindlin, David Noble and Ray Tulloch.

Edwards said that the decision would be reflected on the ballot but there wouldn’t be any repercussions imposed on Callicrate if he is found unable to run.

“If Mr. Callicrate is found to be disqualified, his name will be removed from the ballot,” Edwards said. “Voters will be unable to vote for him. There is no difference between the court finding him disqualified or him withdrawing his candidacy on his own. If found disqualified, no other penalties will be imposed.”

Callicrate is accepting of any outcome that will come of Tuesday’s hearing. Although he is alright with leaving his position on the board, Callicrate is hopeful to see through the work he started during his time with the trustees.

“I’d like to see through and finish what we’ve been working on,” said Callicrate. “We’ve made some tremendous headway. We’ve made quite a bit of good positive changes in the infrastructure of the district in our operations and financials.”

Either way, Callicrate is looking forward to the outcome of the hearing.

The movement forward from the DA’s office comes after Edwards explained the office would only pursue the challenge filed against Callicrate’s candidacy if there was sufficient basis to petition the court.

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