Camp Richardson’s Snowshoe Cocktail Race Series returns |

Camp Richardson’s Snowshoe Cocktail Race Series returns

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The Beacon's annual Snowshoe Cocktail Race Series return beginning Saturday, Jan. 20.
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What: Snowshoe Cocktail Race Series

When: Saturday, Jan. 20, 7 p.m.

Where: The Beacon Bar & Grill

Tickets: Free


Camp Richardson Resort’s ever-popular Snowshoe Cocktail Race Series returns with the first of its three installments on Saturday, Jan. 20.

“Strap on your snowshoes, grab your tray, and get ready to compete, Camp Richardson Resort’s annual laugh-out-loud snowshoe cocktail races start Jan. 20,” states a press release from Weidinger PR.

All are invited to the event, which is open to novice, amateur and expert snowshoe racers (snowshoes are provided on-site).

“A favorite with visitors and locals, racers, cocktail trays in hand, navigate through obstacles and up and down the beach. The winner is the fastest and cleanest — no spillage allowed — at the finish,” continues the release.

“Racers will run, knees up, kicking snow with their snowshoes while balancing a tray full of drinks, hoping to be the fastest without spilling.”

Prizes include snowshoes and certificates for equipment and marina rentals.

Event registration is free, and there are multiple categories for races. Sign-ups begin at 5 p.m., and the races kick off two hours later.

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Can’t make it this week? No worries. The Snowshoe Cocktail Race Series returns on Saturday, Feb. 17, and Saturday, March 17.

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