Candidate Q&A: Tim G Callicrate for Incline Village General Improvement District trustee

Tim G Callicrate
Joy Strotz

Voters within the Incline Village General Improvement District boundaries will narrow the field of six candidates on the June 12 ballot to four ahead of the November election. A total of two seats are up for grabs this election cycle.

To help inform that decision, the Tribune posed a series of questions to each candidate via email. The candidates were asked to restrain their answers to specific word counts for each question. All the answers appear as submitted by the candidates.

Name: Tim G Callicrate

Age: 58

Current occupation:

Owner of Tim Callicrate Productions which produces and distributes the Serenade From Tahoe CDs. Associate Director of Music St. Francis Catholic Church. Staff Pianist at Martis Camp

Do you have any prior experience in elected office? If so, please share.

I served on the IVGID Board from 1997-2000. I held the positions of Chairman, Vice-Chairman (2x) and Secretary. I am currently on the IVGID Board and have held the positions of Vice-Chairman and Secretary.

Please list any clubs, organizations that you are a part of and would like to mention:

I am a 16 year volunteer docent at the Thunderbird Lodge Lake Tahoe and I have volunteered my musical abilities within the Washoe County School District since 1985.

Why are you running for the IVGID Board of Trustees? (250 words)

I would like to continue as one of your IVGID Board Trustees as I feel we need to continue building a stronger financial foundation for the Improvement District. We need decisive leadership at the Board level with greater oversight of the General Manager and legal counsel which will give our District’s Senior Staff the needed direction to implement the priorities of the Community. We need to restore order to the Board meetings and foster a more welcoming spirit for the valuable input from our community friends and neighbors. We need to give clear, concise direction to our staff and employees to ensure we are all working toward the common goals of our community. Let’s get our fiscal house in order before undertaking new projects. Let’s come together in visioning where our Community wants to go and then move forward to achieve our shared goals. Let’s truly make Incline Village and Crystal Bay the best we can!

In your opinion, what is the most important issue facing the Incline Village General Improvement District? How should the board address that issue? (300 words)

I feel the greatest issue facing IVGID is an eroded lack of trust by the community toward the District and specifically the Board of Trustees which has fomented public distrust of District financial reporting, a discovery of concealment of public records and a seeming disdain of citizen enquiry and involvement. This loss of constructive transparency coupled with inadequately clear and concise direction emanating from the IVGID Board towards its General Manager has contributed to a culture that lacks direction, focus, decisive leadership and most importantly accountability! By electing a new Board Chair, the Trustees can once again usher in a collegial atmosphere where differing opinions bring about the most effective course of action in realizing our Community’s vision.

Recreation services are one of IVGID’s primary functions. How do you feel about the current offerings? (300 words)

IVGID’s Recreation Services are tremendous for our homeowner’s, residents and guests. I think we need to really buckle down and make certain that all the County funds we are entitled to are fully utilized to help defray the ever increasing costs to the District and in turn the Community. With the Holman and Duffield partnerships Incline Village and Crystal Bay will have additional opportunities to recreate at first-class facilities! I think Indra Windquist and his team are doing a phenomenal job with our Parks and Rec offerings. Mike Bandelein and Mike McCloskey have built on strong foundations at Ski and Golf respectively. We are poised to have a banner summer season. I’m optimistic that we are able to really reassess our entire recreational offering on a rolling basis to ensure the residents are satisfied with the breadth and scope of recreation throughout the District.

Is there anything else you would like the voters to know about you? (250 words)

I hope to have many occasions to speak with you, learn of your concerns and work hard to prove that I am earnest in my endeavors, even-tempered in my approach to problem solving and will always strive to ‘do the right thing’ when it comes to Incline Village and Crystal Bay. I look forward to a great summer here at the Lake and extend a heart-felt ‘Welcome Home’ to our seasonal residents. Many of you may find that there are pressing issues facing our community which affect not only property values but our quality of life here in beautiful Lake Tahoe. I sure would like to discuss your concerns before our Primary on June 12th. Your input is invaluable in helping our community manage its present and plan for its future. And for our full-time residents, don’t hesitate to continue stopping me in Raley’s or the Village Market, the post office or at the coffee shop to discuss your issues and areas of interest. It’s going to take determination and accountability to build on our community’s experience, realize our shared vision and plan for upcoming opportunities yet to discover. Thanks again for your support and encouragement these past 33 years here in Incline Village and Crystal Bay. It has been a tremendous experience to live in one of the most spectacular places on Earth and I sure hope I am able to continuing serving as one of your elected representatives on our Incline Village General Improvement District Board of Trustees!

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