CASA quilt presented to Kingsbury |

CASA quilt presented to Kingsbury

CASA quilt presented to Kingsbury

Suzanne Kingsbury, left, receives a quilt made by children and advocates in the Court Appointed Special Advocates program. |Provided to the Tahoe Daily Tribune|

CASA El Dorado presented a very special quilt, put together with a tremendous amount of love and appreciation, to El Dorado County Presiding Judge Suzanne Kingsbury on May 21. The quilt was given to the judge as a thank you for her support of CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) throughout El Dorado County, her implementation of the CASA program to advocate for teens in the juvenile delinquency court system, for children in family law disputes, and her advocacy on behalf of CASA inside the courtroom and out in the community. This advocacy on her part has contributed to the growth of the CASA program in El Dorado County.

CASA advocates for children in the dependency system, providing trained volunteers appointed by a judge. Each CASA provides a “powerful voice in court” by speaking for the best interests of a child for as long as they are a part of the court system. Judge Kingsbury recognized that juveniles who have committed a crime could also benefit from having an advocate, someone who was consistent and truly cared about their future. This program has grown as a result of numerous success stories. Many teens and children are in safe placement, reaching their goals educationally, healthier emotionally, and have someone to care, thanks to Judge Kingsbury’s advocacy for all children and the CASA program.

The quilt, made by CASA children and advocates — each square unique, yet every square brought together to make something beautiful and comforting — exemplifies the CASA program and the court working together to advocate for each child in the court system. The quilt is a tribute and a thank you to Judge Kingsbury.