Charter lineup confuses cable TV users |

Charter lineup confuses cable TV users

Susan Wood

Charter Communication’s channel realignment is getting mixed reviews from Meyers, where 4,000 subscribers have endured an evolution and revolution of service from the cable provider in the last few years.

For more than a year, subscribers lamented over not receiving KCRA, channel 3, which provided California news from Sacramento. With long-awaited fiber optic lines strung between South Lake Tahoe and its southwest neighbor, they now get the NBC station.

This time, some subscribers say they’re confused about the frequency where their channels lie. A recent channel realignment did not come with a rate increase.

Roma Morris of Meyers is upset the new lineup eliminated the channel guide.

“It’s been one thing after another. I’m so fed up. But obviously there’s nothing I can do about it,” said Morris, who pays $39 a month for the basic expanded service.

She also takes issue with having to pay an additional $6.95 a month to upgrade to digital service.

Morris would like to see regulation return to the industry.

A Charter spokeswoman in Tahoe, Donna Lupkey, said the guide had to be removed to make way for a Federal Communications Commission-mandated channel.

“It’s a valid concern. But we had no other bandwidth to put (the channel guide) in,” she said.

In the lineup, KGO-TV – an ABC owned and operated station in San Francisco – was added. So now the Meyers subscribers have two NBC stations and two ABC stations.

To the digital service’s family and information channel lineup, Charter has added the Game Show Network, Trinity Broadcasting Channel, National Geographic and a slew of music channels that range from jazz to country.

The cable company said cable realignments were made to the system affecting South Lake Tahoe and Stateline. The channels are 61, which is now VHI and Comedy Central, 62.

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