Check your health at Rite Aid Monday |

Check your health at Rite Aid Monday

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Rite Aid continues its fifth year providing a series of nonprofit, affordable health screening services to communities throughout California and Nevada to help fight the high cost of preventive health care.

The Rite Aid Pharmacy at 1020 Al Tahoe Blvd., will host a health screening with local company Advanced Medical Diagnostics on Monday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Appointments are not necessary, but to schedule an appointment and for more information call (530) 544-1297.

Each test takes about five minutes. The first test is $35 and each additional test is $30. Results are provided upon completion of each test.

Tests performed include:


The bone density test requires the removal of one shoe, one sock (no hosiery) and scans the bare heel using ultra sound allowing earlier and more frequent screening without the harmful, cumulative radiation from conventional methods.

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Heart attack and stroke risk

CVD is the single leading cause of death. This non-invasive test measures arterial elasticity or “hardening of the arteries.” Short sleeves are requested for this test.


The device measures Total Cholesterol, HDL (good), LDL (bad), Triglycerides and calculates ratios. No fasting required.


This Glucose Tolerance Test measures the ability to control blood sugars after a meal. Patients establish a baseline, then they must return in 1.5 hours for re-measurement. Measures a patient’s tolerance to normal dietary challenges. A three-hour fast is optimal. This test ends at 4:30 p.m.

Liver enzymes

A must for patients on cholesterol medications.