Chocolates get political |

Chocolates get political

J.M. Hirsch / The Associated Press

Larry Crowe / The Associated Press Boxed chocolates honor GOP nominee John McCain, left, and Democratic nominee Barack Obama.

The hand-crafted chocolate experts at L.A. Burdick have created two new boxed chocolate offerings, one honoring Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama and one for Republican John McCain.

Each assortment of Burdick Election Chocolates offers flavors drawn from the candidate’s background.

The “Obama Assortment” includes Hawaiian pineapple and Kenyan coffee (Obama was born in Hawaii), while the “McCain Assortment” sports Arizona citrus and hot pepper tequila (McCain is from Arizona).

Each box also includes the company’s signature chocolate mouse, which Obama sampled during a campaign stop at the company’s Walpole, N.H., headquarters last year. McCain has not visited the company.