City announces marijuana grow reporting system |

City announces marijuana grow reporting system

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SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. – South Lake Tahoe has set up an online system to report suspected marijuana grows in residences, according to a Tuesday announcement from the city.

Residents can submit the information online and anonymously at, said city spokeswoman Nancy Kerry in Tuesday’s statement. They can also call 530-542-6043.

The city will investigate all reports, Kerry said.

On Sept. 13, the city council adopted an ordinance regulating the cultivation of medical marijuana in private homes. Cultivation is limited to personal use and use by a primary caregivers’ patients.

Residents growing medical marijuana must submit an application for a residential cultivation permit no later then Dec. 20 or face a fine of up to $1,000 per day under the ordinance.

Applications and permit procedures are available online at

According to police, marijuana growing operations can include:

– Strong marijuana odor or “skunk” like smell around the residence. This is caused when the resident ventilates the excess moist air from inside the marijuana grow.

– Excessive condensation on the windows or on the exterior of the residence.

– Brown discolored “ooze” seeping from the inside out.

– Black tarps or dark covering around the majority of windows.

– Ventilation holes cut into the home. Some of these holes are under the eve of the roof or on the sides of the residence.

– Humming noises associated with ventilation fans.

– Signs of power meter tampering. Most marijuana grows draw a significant amount of electricity which would require altering the amperage output for the home.

– Suspicious activity including excessive foot traffic in and out, plastic pots with stems and/or numerous bags of fertilizer and soil with no signs of outdoor gardening. Loading or unloading of equipment from the residence during nighttime hours.

– Visible security cameras around the residence.

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