City Council Canidate: Jerry Oldenkamp |

City Council Canidate: Jerry Oldenkamp

Running for City Council.

Jerry Oldenkamp

Age: 62

Education: B.S. business administration, CSU Long Beach

Professional: Retired Sales Manager

Experience: South Lake Tahoe Chamber of Commerce (1998)

Senior Snow Removal Fund (Oct. 97 to March 99)

Tahoe Area Coordinating Council for the Disabled ( ’98- )

Board of Directors for South Lake Tahoe Senior Center INC. (1998-99)

Ad-hoc committee in 1998 that made it legal for dogs to use a section of beach between Camp Richardson and Kiva Beach.

1) How do you plan on dealing with city budget limitations?

Oldenkamp has several plans to deal with city budget limitations, but in simplest terms has one main idea.

“We need to create more income,” Oldenkamp said.

He has a plan he has been working on for six months to create business incentive packages to attract new businesses and to help existing ones. He wants to trim city employee benefit packages and wants to consider finding a new benefits provider for future employees. Oldenkamp also cites government grants as a source of funding for city projects.

“We need to do some research,” he said.

2) How do you think we need to handle the airport?

Oldenkamp considers the Lake Tahoe Airport to be a major problem for the city budget.

“The airport is a big drain right now,” he said.

Although, he supports Allegiant Air, if it doesn’t succeed, he thinks that the city should cut its losses.

“If Allegiant fails, I’m not in favor of trying again at all,” Oldenkamp said.

Oldenkamp wants to promote general aviation by combining efforts with the Minden-Tahoe, Truckee-Tahoe or Carson City airports.

“I would like to emphasize general aviation,” he said.

He said that the $14 million of Federal Grants can be paid back over time if the city decides to close the airport. In that situation, Oldenkamp suggests that the airport could be used for some form of light industrial work.

3) What steps do you think we need to take in Redevelopment?

Oldenkamp encourages the completion of Redevelopment and supports the addition of Marriott Ownership Resort International.

“I think it is a benefit to have a well known name at Stateline,” he said.

He wants to put emphasis on the U.S. Highway 50 redevelopment project that will ultimately run from the “Y” to Ski Run Boulevard, and the Harrison Avenue project, which has caused some unrest with business owners who have concerns about losing parking.

“I know we can find a solution for that,” he said.

4) What steps do we need to take to protect the environment and to implement the Environmental Improvement Plan?

Oldenkamp is firmly against any environmental damages.

“Anything that could possibly cause environmental damage to (Lake Tahoe) I would vote against,” he said.

He acknowledges the importance of environmental agencies such as the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, but recognizes city council’s role in the environment as well.

“Obviously, I’m in favor of keeping the lake as pristine as possible,” he said.

As far as the Environmental Improvement Plan Oldenkamp is in total support of the plan.

5) How can we handle affordable housing for low-wage earners who support the tourism industry?

Oldenkamp said that vacation rentals and hotels are constantly being promoted, but we need to start concentrating on residential housing.

“We need to create more housing period,” he said. “We need to change our priorities.”

He wants to shift the focus from vacation to residential development.

Oldenkamp wants to do what he can to promote more affordable housing.

“Rents are just out of sight,” he said.

He supports the establishment of an informal or formal rent review board in order to cut down on overcrowding.

“It is not only not safe, it is creating situations that are not helpful to the neighborhood,” Oldenkamp said.

6) What is your goal as a City Council Member?

“I am not any one special interest person,” Oldenkamp said. “I will not allow myself to be influenced by special interests.”

One idea that separates him from his peers is a desire to include sections of unincorporated El Dorado County with South Lake Tahoe, such as Cold Creek, Tahoe Paradise, Montgomery Estates, and Upper Truckee.

“It is an idea way overdue,” he said.

He also supports financial updates at the City Council meetings.

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