City Council mulls airport, rental inspections on Tuesday |

City Council mulls airport, rental inspections on Tuesday

Susan Wood

The South Lake Tahoe City Council will air a variety of topics Tuesday, including a possible decision on keeping the airport tower open.

The council has long wrangled with measures to continue operating the Lake Tahoe Airport tower, a $120,000 annual expense which is soon to run out of funding as of 2003-04’s budget ending September. And a shortfall of $32,865 was calculated from April to the start of 2004-05.

Landing fees were increased and ground transportation charges were implemented to offset the mandate from the Federal Aviation Administration, which will not allow the city to reduce hours to counteract an increase in the shared expense.

City staff believe shutting down the tower may result in a loss of general aviation revenues if pilots choose to pass up the airport in the interest of safety, but that amount has not been determined. It’s also expected the closure will minimize the chances of commercial air service operating there.

Making a safe and sanitary home for apartment-rental dwellers will also make Tuesday’s agenda.

The City Council may seek the creation of a rental inspection and maintenance ordinance as a result of numerous complaints made regarding the condition of Bart’s Tahoe Apartments.

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Like other run-down dwellings through the years, the Ski Run Boulevard complex caught the eye of the police, fire and community development departments as well as staffers in El Dorado County’s environmental management and health promotions.

“Absentee owners, poor onsite management and a lack of minimum standards” have advanced the need for the city “to address the very poor condition and appearance of this property as well as other substandard apartment buildings within the city,” the staff report reads.

In other business, the City Council will take up another threat to the community. It will hear a presentation on a plan to combat wildland and urban fires.

In other money matters, the council also may go forth with loan documents to refinance redevelopment debt amounting to $9.4 million.

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