City hauls away junk from eyesore property |

City hauls away junk from eyesore property

Elaine Goodman / Tahoe Daily Tribune

South Lake Tahoe city crews hauled away truckloads of junk from the yard of a home at 3226 Plum St. on Monday morning.

As reported in the Tribune last month, the home has been a recurring eyesore nuisance that has frustrated neighbors.

Before Monday’s cleanup, the yard of the single-family home in the Bijou neighborhood was covered with objects of all kinds: pallets, lumber, plastic crates, boxes, power tools, and vehicles. Public works crews spent about 90 minutes on Monday, using dump trucks and front loaders, to clear away the stuff.

Neighbor Robert Pruitt said afterward that city crews had done an “outstanding job.”

In what has become an annual ritual, the city has ordered the property owner to clean up the mess every year from 2005 to 2009. In four of those five years ” including Monday’s cleanup ” city crews or contractors cleared out the refuse. Officials called the recurring problems on Plum Street an extreme case.

The property owner and resident, Odd Bakken, will again receive a bill for the work. Bakken, contacted after Monday’s cleanup, declined comment.

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City Manager David Jinkens said Friday that he’s asked his staff to look into possible solutions for repeat offenders of eyesore nuisance laws, such as the Plum Street property owner.

“The city cannot be expected to continually clean up private properties,” Jinkens said in an e-mail. “I sympathize as well with neighbors who complain about the piling up of debris and junk. We need a better solution and we are looking for one.”