City issues snow reminders |

City issues snow reminders

Susan Wood

It’s that time of year again – when snow begins to rule life in South Lake Tahoe.

Last season was a banner one for snowfall, a long winter topping 130 percent of normal by the time it finally ended in June.

The city’s snow removal team and the police department remember the busy time between Oct. 15 and April 15. Community service officers issued 284 citations for illegal parking during snow removal operations. It was the first year the police department took over the role of enforcing the $102 violations from the city’s two code enforcement officers. An estimated 25 citations were issued the previous year.

“We’re diligent and have full staffing,” Lt. Terry Daniels said.

When snow piles up to a depth of more than 3 inches and streets have not been cleared to their full widths, motorists must park within the property lines and out of the public right-of-way.

Recognizing the need for cooperation from its residents, the city has issued a number of friendly reminders relative to snow removal:

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n Maintain a clear driveway. When shoveling, scoop and throw to the right as you face the street.

n Provide sufficient parking spaces for the number of vehicles parked at your home.

n Keep trash cans within the property line inside the berm – the snowbank created by the plow.

n Mark your driveway and fences with plastic PVC pipe or wooden stakes that are easily accessible at hardware stores or lumber yards. Using metal stakes is not advised as they can damage the equipment.

The city also urges residents to refrain from leaving shopping carts in the city right-of-way. Carts taken from the grocers are left alongside the road, wreaking havoc with the plows.