City to consider change in trash management, military equipment use policies |

City to consider change in trash management, military equipment use policies

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. — The South Lake Tahoe City Council will be discussing amendments to the city’s trash policy during the Tuesday, April 5, meeting.

The ordinance would prevent residents from taking their trash to the curb anytime before the morning of collection day.

“Our community values our native wildlife population, including our bears. We recognize that human trash management behaviors influence bear behavior. The intention of this ordinance is to create conditions in which we see fewer bear-trash encounters,” the staff report regarding the item stated.

During the City Council meeting on March 15, 2022 the council voted to increase fines for violating the city’s trash policy from $50 to $150 in order to further incentivize better trash management behaviors. Along with those fines, this ordinance change is meant to promote better trash management in the city.

The city is moving forward with their dark sky goals and during this meeting, the council will possibly approve a contract with Advanced Lighting Services, Inc. to retro lights along US 50 Between Trout Creek and Ski Run Blvd.

After hearing a presentation on Dark Sky Cities in Dec. 2021, the council directed staff to re-bid the retrofit project utilizing a 2,700k or lower temperature specification, incorporate 2,700k temperature fixtures in the upcoming Lake Tahoe Boulevard Bike Trail Project, develop engineering standards for all public pedestrian lights with color temperature standards and have the Planning Department develop dark sky standards (2,700k or lower) for all private development.

The city will be testing four fixtures (two 2,700k and two 2,200k) for evaluation at two separate locations within the project area. Once the color has been determined, the remaining base bid scope is to retrofit the 126-metal halide light fixtures to the selected color.

There are additional areas the council could choose to replace lights as well, including 60 fixtures in the Harrison Avenue business district or 28 fixtures within the El Dorado Beach to Ski Run zone.

The council will also be discussing adopting a “military equipment” use policy for the South Lake Tahoe Police Department.

California Assembly Bill 481 was passed on Sept. 30, 2021 and it requires a law enforcement agency to obtain approval from the city council, via adoption of a “military equipment” use policy prior to SLTPD funding, acquiring, continuing to use existing equipment, or using any new military equipment.

“Many of the items deemed to be “military equipment” by AB 481 are already employed by SLTPD, and LEA’s across the country in order to specifically reduce risk to community members and have been used successfully in that manner by the SLTPD. These items provide peace officers with the ability to safely resolve volatile situations which otherwise might increase risk of harm to the public or rise to the level of a lethal force encounter,” the staff report stated.

The items that qualify which SLTPD already has includes, unmanned, remotely piloted, powered ground vehicles, armored vehicles or mine resistant, armor protected vehicles, command and control vehicles, flashbang grenades and chemical agents and smoke canisters.

SLTPD is not allowed to acquire any more qualifying equipment until the council decides on a policy. If approved, SLTPD is required to have an annual review and approval of the policy every year after by the City Council for as long as the equipment is in use.

The 20-year-old City Parking Garage on Bellamy Court might be getting a facelift, pending approval from the council on Tuesday.

“Currently, the City Parking Garage is operated by the Police Department and is maintained by the Public Works Department with assistance from an outside contractor for custodial services. Based on evaluating existing operational issues related to site circulation, revenue collection system, and the need for EV charging stations, the Public Works Department prepared a Request for Proposal to retain a qualified firm to address the current operational deficiencies,” the staff report stated.

Council is being asked to approve a contract with Walker Consultants for $187,230, as well as to move $205,953 into the Parking Garage Revenue Expense Account for the project. Staff anticipates the whole project costing around $1 million.

There will be four public hearings during the council meeting.

The first is in regards to approving the issuance of revenue bonds by the California Municipal Finance Authority for the purpose of providing financing for a residential rental housing facility known as Sugar Pine Village Phase 1A.

The second is in regards to approval of a subdivision map for a housing project at 3708 Lake Tahoe Boulevard & 3709 Osgood Avenue.

The third would be approval of a letter on behalf of Grocery Outlet to the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control which would allow the store to sell spirits in addition to beer and wine. They are currently not allowed to have one because they are located in a high crime area but SLTPD has reviewed the request and does not object to the issuance of the license.

Finally, a public hearing will be held to review the Ski Run Business Improvement District annual report.

The meeting with begin at 9 a.m. and can be viewed in person at 1901 Lisa Maloff Way or remotely via Channel 21,, or ZOOM at

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