Clairvoyant expands business |

Clairvoyant expands business

by Timothy Bowman

It is sometimes unsettling when someone knows something you don’t.

Lynda Woolf wants to calm those concerns with her new business, the Psychic Edge.

“I work really diligently at not interpreting,” Woolf said. “It is not scary, I promise. I don’t interpret, I don’t judge, I don’t put conditions. It is just like having a normal conversation. I work with positives. If I see a negative, I will put it as positively as I can.”

Woolf is a clairvoyant, who has been quietly giving psychic readings in the Lake Tahoe area for 26 years. She now plans on expanding her services at her Round Hill home on McFaul Way though the general population may be a little more skeptical of her clairvoyancy than the more selective group she is used to catering to.

“It is healthy to have some skepticism,” Woolf said. “What I tell people is ‘what I do is give you a tool for direction. Do not take it as an absolute.’ There are some things that I see that will happen no matter what regardless, but with the majority of things we have choices.”

Woolf says Tahoe is the prefect place to practice her art.

“I have an office available to me in Carson and in Reno, but I really like working (in Tahoe,)” Woolf said. “Tahoe is such a great energy place. Lots of spiritual energy, lots of psychic energy. It is why the Indians loved it so much. Water is a conduit for psychic energy.”

Much like other professionals that do counseling work, such as lawyers and psychologists, Woolf has her own confidentiality policy.

“As soon as I am done (with a reading) I forget everything I said,” Woolf said. “So if you call me up next month and you say ‘I have a question,’ I won’t remember.”

To contact Lynda Woolf at the Psychic Edge, call 775-882-1927.

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