Cold storm on the way |

Cold storm on the way

Just in time for another big winter holiday weekend, Mother Nature will deliver dry, cold snow to the Sierra, with little or no wind, according to forecasts from the National Weather Service in Reno.

The question remains: how much snow? As the storm approaches from Canada, it will pass over the Pacific Ocean and pick up moisture. How long it lingers over the ocean will determine whether the Sierra will see 1 foot or 4 feet of snow.

A winter storm watch for the Tahoe area will likely begin Friday afternoon and last through Saturday evening. Snow levels will be 3,000 feet. It could clear up a little on Sunday and Monday, but a chance of snow remains on those days.

This is the coldest storm to hit Tahoe this winter. A smaller cold storm two days ago coated roads with ice and contributed to several accidents throughout the South Shore area.

The California Highway Patrol reminded people to drive with caution, check tires, brakes, wiper fluid and defrost systems to make sure they are working.

Driving tips

— Slow down.

— Don’t tailgate. Allow plenty of room for the person in front of you to make a big mistake.

— If you have four-wheel drive, remember you don’t have any more control when it comes to braking.

— Never brake or accelerate during a turn. Slow down while the car is going straight, then turn.

— If you slide or fishtail, don’t panic and don’t brake. Pressing the gas will engage your wheels and help you regain control.

— When going downhill, shift into a lower gear so you don’t have to brake as much. That includes automatics.

— Remove ice and snow from all windows and lights.

— Make sure tires are properly inflated. Underinflation can reduce the gripping action of tires. Overinflation has the same effect.

— In rear-wheel drive vehicles, extra weight secured in the trunk or truck bed may be helpful.

— Carry extra warm clothes, blankets, food, water and a flashlight in case you break down or get caught in traffic.

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