College heralds diversity |

College heralds diversity

William Ferchland, Tahoe Daily Tribune

Some students weren’t old enough to ride a roller coaster while others flirted with girls between college classes, but all flooded to the commons area of Lake Tahoe Community College to celebrate culture.

Thursday’s celebration featured break dancing, Japanese calligraphy and Cinco de Mayo dancers. Now in its 10th year, LTCC’s Multi-Cultural Week is growing more popular, according to Tanis Lovercheck-Saunders, this year’s event coordinator.

“(For) a lot of events we had to add chairs,” she said.

Lee Mun Wah appeared during his Tuesday evening showing of “Last Chance for Eden,” a documentary on racism and sexism. Friday night’s showing is “Salt of the Earth,” directed by Herbert Biberman. It’s the only film to be blacklisted in America because of its director and suggestions of communism, according to the college.

The 1953 film is based on the New Mexico zinc miner strike in the 1950s.

Talks about women in Islamic society were presented by Parvin Darabi, author of “Rage Against the Veil,” Tuesday night.

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Discussions regarding diversity came in many ways. Al Tahoe Elementary students walked to the college for Thursday’s celebration. Most liked the break dancing.

“If (people are) the same as you, you’ll know what they’ll say and you don’t learn about them,” said Krisha Penollar about the benefits of diversity.

Nearby a group of boys pondered a question if knowing a different language is helpful.

“If you meet somebody that speaks a different language, you can talk to them,” Michael Weber said.

“And you get paid more at your job,” added Nicky Meza.

Lovercheck-Saunders began planning for the event in October with help from counselor Tom Green. She will lead a forum discussion after Friday’s film.

“Even though we’re isolated, we’re a multicultural community and a community college is the ideal place to recognize and honor that and bring the people of Tahoe together in a positive manner,” she said.

“Salt of the Earth” begins Friday night at 7 at LTCC’s theater. Admission is free.