Comedian makes movie about his time in war zone |

Comedian makes movie about his time in war zone

Tim Parsons

Howie Nave and Graham Elwood during a flight in Afghanistan.

Graham Elwood asked himself a question after he visited an Afghanistan hospital filled with maimed children: “How am I supposed to go onstage and be funny through all of that?”

A comedian on assignment to provide entertainment relief, Elwood said his first trip to a war zone affected him.

“It changed me for a lot of ways for the good,” Elwood said.

“America, everything isn’t perfect here but we’ve still got it pretty amazing, and it changed me in realizing what’s important and what isn’t. I didn’t know how much the military was doing. I have newfound respect for what the military and their families go through.”

“Laughghanistan” is a feature-length documentary about Elwood’s first trip to Afghanistan. He’s offering it on his website, People who download the video can pay whatever amount they choose. If enough is made to pay for the production, money will go toward a charity, Comics in Combat, Elwood said.

“It’s what being in a war zone was like from my eyes,” Elwood said. “I got a little more than I bargained for. My helicopter starts shooting and there’s rocket attacks. It’s a funny, scary, crazy look at what I went through.”

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Elwood, who performs this week at Harveys Improv, said his production goal was to be as objective as possible.

“I did not want to make a “Fahrenheit 911″ and I didn’t want to make a right-wing film, either,” he said. “I just wanted to show this is who I am this is what I saw and this is what’s going on there. … It’s frustrating when the news doesn’t cover it much anymore and some Americans are too apathetic to care.”