County might shrink its Tahoe social services staff |

County might shrink its Tahoe social services staff

Sara Thompson / Tahoe Daily Tribune

The El Dorado Country Board of Supervisors on Tuesday will decide whether to reduce the size of its Social Services staff in South Lake Tahoe.

The county would end its lease at the 971 and 981 Silver Dollar locations, and move the offices to the El Dorado Center. Nineteen positions would be transferred to the center, while 33 positions would be moved to the Placerville office.

The lease would end on Sept. 30.

“The concern is that this is too soon, and more work needs to be done before 33 people have to commute to Placerville,” said Jere Copeland, El Dorado County Employees Association executive director.

Copeland said the employees would not be able to serve their South Lake Tahoe clients as well if they were in Placerville.

According to the report that the Human Services Department submitted to the board, the proposed change would save the county about $382,500 this fiscal year, and $510,000 annually in subsequent years.

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The Human Services Department has experienced 10 percent funding reductions from state programs, such as CalWORKS, adult protective services and in-home supportive services.

Vehicle license fees and sales tax revenues that go to the department are also down from $5 million from the previous year to $3.8 million. Those revenues pay for staff, rent, utility and administrative support.

The supervisors’ meeting begins at 8 a.m. Tuesday at 330 Fair Lane, Building A in Placerville.