Publisher’s Perspective: COVID-19, It’s just us now (Opinion) |

Publisher’s Perspective: COVID-19, It’s just us now (Opinion)

Rob Galloway
Publisher’s Perspective
Rob Galloway
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That’s what they say the times are that we are dealing with. None of us really know what’s next. We can take instances from other countries and states that are ahead of us, but we all know Tahoe is unique. Every place dealing with this pandemic is unique.

As we all practice social distancing to one degree or another, this is a time where virtual togetherness should also be practiced. Each community around the Lake has seen their fair share of bad news. We can’t escape it. It’s our unfortunate reality. We’re not alone in this fight, but it’s just us now.

The main flow of visitors into town is hunkered down in their own reality and our local business community is at war with a deceptive force that is as real as the mountains that surround us.

There’s no sugar coating this situation. Local businesses are teetering. Many may not make it. Most, if not all, will be forever changed.

The local business community has been the lifeblood of the region. Each of them offers their own flair that helps shape the Tahoe experience, and when you cut off the funnel that is the main source of life, you can expect hard times are ahead.

We as the Tribune are in the trenches with everyone. Whether you’re a restaurant, a flower shop, a retail store, it doesn’t matter – we all have a need for support.

None of us wants to give up. We all know an end to this will come. We hope sooner rather than later, but the ending of this chapter is a moving target.

For now, supporting each other is the way out. Put aside our differences. The Lake is the tie that binds us. And while that knot may be the loosest it’s ever been, we must continue to hold tight.

Many of you have jumped in with both feet. It’s the start that’s needed, but it’s a sustained pace that will keep everyone afloat. For some of you it’s easier than others. Many are at the bottom from the get-go. Regardless of situation, each has their own hill to climb.

So please, act with kindness during this time. We don’t know everyone’s situation but we can show support – whether monetary, emotional or physical. It all will go towards the greater good of making it out of this together.

Form bonds and partnerships that have never been formed (or even thought about) before. Get creative in how we do business and operate within the community. This wouldn’t be the first time a great idea has come from a bad situation.

We have it in us to shine during this time of despair.

It will take us all working together, but if the end game is a better and more bonded Tahoe, will we be better for it? I’d like to think so.

The only way to know is put one foot in front of the other and communicate. It’s not the outside that’s going to get us through this time – it’s just us.

Sometimes, that’s exactly what we need.

Publisher Rob Galloway can be reached at or 530-542-8046.

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