City of South Lake Tahoe issues 8 VHR citations in 4 days |

City of South Lake Tahoe issues 8 VHR citations in 4 days

It did not take long for the city of South Lake Tahoe to dole out pricier fines for alleged violations of the city’s vacation home rental (VHR) rules.

Eight citations were issued from Friday through Monday. Each fine was $1,000, the new minimum fine (up from $250) under the revised VHR regulations.

The city’s VHR laws underwent notable changes this year, with City Council approving the changes in November. The new rules went into effect Friday, Dec. 22.

A few of the changes include: a cap of 1,400 VHR permits in residential areas outside the tourist core; revocation of a VHR permit after three citations within 24 months; excessive noise is prohibited between 10 p.m. – 8 a.m.; and bear boxes will be required by July 31.

Of the eight citations issued in the first four days, four were issued for parking, two for exceeding occupancy, one for parking and noise combination, and one for being an unpermitted VHR.

In addition to the changes, the city also entered into a contract (at a cost of $118,400) with Host Compliance, a third-party VHR monitoring and enforcement service.

Host Compliance uses a software to scan the nearly 25 different booking websites for VHRs — like Airbnb and VRBO — and determine which properties are unpermitted, haven’t been paying transient occupancy tax (TOT), or have been under-reporting their revenue to pay less TOT.