South Lake Tahoe police report increase in thefts |

South Lake Tahoe police report increase in thefts

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South Lake Tahoe Police Department reported a rise in theft as a result of unattended and unsecured property from vehicles, homes and public places in recent days, according to a Monday press release from the city.

Since July 1, police have documented 54 reported thefts, an average of more than three per day, since the start of the month.

Of the 54 reported thefts, 33 were a result of unsecured and/or unattended property, and of those 33 thefts, 17 were of unattended/unsecured property (usually from public places), 10 were from unlocked vehicles (six in the last two days) and six included property stolen from business storefronts, according to the release.

Below are a series of recommendations from the police department for preventing theft:


Install a vehicle alarm or mechanical lock for the steering wheel or ignition.

Lock the doors and leave the windows rolled up.

Activate any alarms or anti-theft devices.

Keep valuables out of sight and/or remove them from the vehicle. Expensive items in full view invite theft, even if the vehicle is locked.

• Do not leave money, checkbooks or credit cards in the vehicle at any time.


Keep bicycles locked any time they are unattended with a good “U” type lock that cannot be cut. Another choice would be a casehardened padlock and thick cable. Be sure the “U” lock or cable goes through the front wheel, rear wheel and the frame, and secure it to a fixed object.

Check the lock by pulling on it to make sure it is secure.

Purchase Anti-Theft Dots from your local bike shop or, and apply them to the major components on your bike. Register your serial number with Anti-Theft Dots, and add photos of your bike.

Be sure to retain all evidence of a bike purchase, including the serial number, and have them available if your bike is stolen.

Try to avoid parking a bicycle in a deserted or poorly lit area.

Learn more online by visiting the city website: at

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