Crystal shop opens in South Lake Tahoe |

Crystal shop opens in South Lake Tahoe

Miranda Jacobson


SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. — The South Lake Tahoe community has welcomed new business, Cabin Creek Crystals, with open arms, and owner Elizabeth Rollins couldn’t be happier.

“We’re really excited to be here,” Rollins said about her business on Tallac Avenue that opened last month. “We’re really grateful for how much the Tahoe community has embraced us with open arms.”

The Cabin Creek Crystal Shop found its home at 979 Tallac Ave. a little over a month ago. Provided Cabin Creek Crystals

Rollins began her business in Hawaii after she and her husband Jeff Monroe started selling crystals in their thrift stores and noticed their growing popularity.

After spending most of their lives traveling to the Tahoe/Reno area, Rollins decided to open not one, but two crystal shops during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their shop in Reno opened a little over seven months ago, and soon after, their shop on Tallac Avenue opened.

“We felt that Reno and Tahoe are both very business friendly and that our brand was a perfect fit for these two places,” Rollins said. “Somehow, we were right.”

The shop sells a variety of items besides crystals, including tea, tapestries and blankets, incense and essential oils, as well as bags and backpacks. But Rollins said their best seller is jewelry.

The shop sells a variety of jewelry made with beautiful crystals that are also affordable. Provided Cabin Creek Crystal

“I’m really passionate about it,” Rollins said. “I used to design all of our jewelry and now I just curate our line of jewelry, which is our Cabin Creek line. I think the reason that it’s the biggest seller is because what you get is what you pay for. People are shocked most of the time. They don’t believe that they’re real stones because there’s this false value that some retailers put on jewelry. And we simply do a regular retail markup.”

Rollins and her husband feel that value to their customers is important to them.

“It’s not just about price for us, but … we never want anyone to ever say, ‘Oh, this isn’t a good deal.’ We always want everyone to walk away thinking either it’s fair or better than fair,” she said. “And that way we’re about building relationships and customers for life. Not about just one sale.”

Rollins noticed that she had a passion for selling affordable crystals after she paid $80 for a celestite stone that her own store carries for $20, and her husband pointed out that they might be getting ripped off.

“That’s how it started,” Rollins said. “And then we thought other people would enjoy them and also get a better deal.”

One way Rollins has been building a customer base is through social media.

“It’s instrumental. I think that the people that are into the crystal culture are really into being on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram,” Rollins said. “And I think that there’s so many different ways that people can find you and discover you and learn about your brand. But I don’t think that there’s much of the population that isn’t on social media. So it’s a way for them to feel connected to our culture and our staff and our product without being physically in the store.”

Rollins also shared that first time customers are in for a treat after they make their first purchase.

“If it is your very first time in the store … and you purchase something … let us know, we’ll give you a 10% coupon for the next time that you come and visit the store,” Rollins said. “That’s a one-time introductory thing. You come to the store, you find something, you fall in love with it, and then we invite you to come back another time and get 10% off. And then another thing we always do when you spend $10 or more in our store, you get a complimentary cup of tea.”

Their website is currently being built, so for more information about Cabin Creek Crystals, visit their Facebook.

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