Curing the post St. Patrick’s Day hangover |

Curing the post St. Patrick’s Day hangover

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Replenish your electrolytes after partying the night away.
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So, you got a little crazy on St. Patrick’s Day — surprise, surprise. After all, the tradition has evolved from celebrating the Irish heritage and culture to being a convenient reason for folks to indulge in green beer like their bodies know no limits. Why shouldn’t you treat yourself?

Because the next morning is sure to be a doozy. You’ve chugged more than your share of Guinness in the past 24 hours, and likely went overboard with the Jameson too. But don’t worry — we’ve assembled a few hangover remedies so you can get back out and make the most of your weekend in Tahoe.

The Traditional

Grab the carbs and the Gatorade (electrolytes, baby) — and get a slow start to your morning. Double fist the bagels and liquid to optimize the refueling process while you throw on the darkest sunglasses you own. If you don’t drink at least three 32-ounce bottles of Glacier Freeze by noon (and pack more for your afternoon hike), that hangover ain’t going away.

Be sure to shower, too. The water will not only be refreshing, but also serve as a wake-up call to how poor you smell.

The Food-Focused

Apart from the dehydration you’re sure to feel, your body definitely needs to replenish nutrients so energy levels increase. Some breakfast cafes found around the lake have meals specifically created to help recover from a night of drinking — one such restaurant is The Getaway Café in Meyers. Featured on the menu is the Hangover Helper, made with chorizo, homefries, tomatoes, onions and peppers, topped with cheese and served with eggs and toast. Talk about refueling.

If this sounds like it would be too much for you, don’t fret: There are plenty of places you can get your carbohydrate fix — check out The Red Hut Café and Heidi’s Pancake House for waffles and pancakes.

The Health Kick

Feeling guilty about last night’s decisions, which clearly went against your current diet? Don’t want to indulge in an over-the-top, bread-fronted brunch? Sprouts Café, located on Harrison Avenue in South Lake Tahoe, is the place for you.

The natural foods eatery has a lengthy smoothie menu with options ranging from the Mean Green Machine (strawberries, orange juice, banana, pea protein powder and spirulina) and The Energizer (strawberries, orange juice, banana, vitamin B complex and wheat germ) to two-fruit smoothies made with fresh juice and drinks packed with protein.

The Unconventional

In late 2016, concierge IV hydration clinic H2uP opened on Tahoe’s South Shore. The company offers specialized treatments for dehydration, and has a service focused specifically on curing hangovers.

Choose from the Get Up and Go or the Rally and No Judgment depending on the severity of your symptoms. The former is one of the most basic forms of treatment — get 1 liter of fluid with essential electrolytes — while the latter is the most extensive, offering 1 to 2 liters of fluid filled with electrolytes, minerals, vitamins and additional medications. Learn more about the company online at

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