Cyclists, drivers need to share the road |

Cyclists, drivers need to share the road

I manage Pearl Izumi, a local business in the cycling industry and am a cyclist. There are many in our community who utilize a bicycle as their primary mode of transportation. While I recognize that roadway space is a finite resource, more people on bikes really is better for drivers: less people in cars means less traffic for you.

Cyclists are not pedestrians. They are not required to use crosswalks. They follow the rules of the road and are considered a car. While I understand that it can be frustrating for a driver to wait to pass a cyclist on the road, it is legal to ride two abreast in the states of California and Nevada when not impeding traffic. The nationwide standard for passing cyclists is 3 feet, which is now law in Nevada.

Road cyclists are very different from recreational cyclists and are not required to ride on bike paths. Road cyclists are often traveling at speeds that are equal to those of automobiles and those speeds create unsafe conditions for slower recreational cyclists and the families and tourists that utilize our bike paths. Cyclists have a right to ride on the road, though they should always be doing so in the direction of traffic. If they are not following the rules of the road, they can be ticketed for a traffic violation just as an automobile driver can be.

It is extremely dangerous for cyclists when people lose their tempers. Two cars can have a minor fender bender but if a car and a cyclist collide, the cyclist could die. It is not worth it for either party. I hope that I can see cyclists and drivers co-exist on better terms in my community.

Lauren Lindley

South Lake Tahoe

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