Deep Fryed Fridays at American Legion |

Deep Fryed Fridays at American Legion

Tim Parsons, Lake Tahoe Action

Deep Fryed Mojo plays Fridays at the American Legion post.

After a night of bowling, Greg Tomb crossed the street to the Tudor Pub where he heard there was an open mic jam session under way. The first person he saw was Doug Schwartz.

“I thought it was a joke because here was this huge guy playing a tiny mandolin,” Tomb said.

But Tomb quickly realized the open mic host could really play.

“Any instrument he picks up, he pulls off something that makes you smile and say ‘wow,’ ” Tomb said.

Schwartz, Tomb, Darren Senn and Mitch Brown became a regular lineup at the open mic nights. About a year and a half ago, they decided to become a band ” Deep Fryed Mojo.

“We decided to practice and get some real gigs,” Tomb said. “We realized we enjoyed similar types of music.”

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Drummer Danny Barnes joined the band in the spring.

Deep Fryed Mojo plays every Friday night at the American Legion post, across Lake Tahoe Boulevard from Meeks Building Supply.

“We want this to be an opportunity to continue to build a fan base by offering a free show during which we have the freedom to pitch new material at our fans and welcome their feedback,” Schwartz said. “We want you to hear us, and we also want to hang out and get to know you. We are hoping to create a laid-back and loose atmosphere, where we can be creative, and get some constructive feedback from folks who like our music,” Schwartz said.

Deep Fryed Mojo calls itself a jam band and plays about 50 percent originals. It plays covers from the Band, the Rolling Stones, the Grateful Dead, the String Cheese Incident and Widespread Panic.

Schwartz has played at the American Legion many times with the Cash Only Band. He says the post is a good venue for his latest group.

“Sometimes it’s hard to find a decent place for a five-piece band to get together and practice where there’s enough elbow room and where we’re not disturbing neighbors,” he said.

Deep Fryed Mojo plays from about 7-11 p.m. every Friday. There is no cover charge.