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Dine and dash duo leave behind $170 bill

by Jeff Munson, Tribune city editor

Two Sacramento area men were arrested after allegedly eating and drinking $170 worth of food and alcohol at the Riva Grill and then leaving without paying.

The men are charged with defrauding an innkeeper and petty theft, a South Lake Tahoe police officer said.

The incident happened Friday when the men walked into the bar and restaurant and ordered four shots of vodka each. The men were told they couldn’t have four each, so instead they ordered two.

After the men finished their drinks, they ordered food and more alcohol with dinner. After eating, the men allegedly asked for a lobster tail. When the waitress left, the men walked out. They were spotted by the restaurant manager, who gave a description of their car and part of the license plate number to officers.

The men were pulled over by a El Dorado County sheriff’s deputy and a California Highway Patrol officer at the Tahoe Paradise Shell station.

The driver was arrested and also charged with driving under the influence.

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In other news:

— A Stockton man was arrested late Sunday on public drunkenness charges.

The man was seen walking along the 3000 block of Lake Tahoe Boulevard carrying two grocery bags. The man was observed stumbling by a police officer. He was determined to be too drunk to walk and was taken to the police station. Charges were later dismissed.

— A 52-year-old South Lake Tahoe man was arrested on charges of driving under the influence after South Lake Tahoe police officers pulled him over.

The man was driving on Johnson Boulevard when he pulled out in front of another vehicle at a stop sign, a South Lake Tahoe police officer said.

A police officer pulled the man over and asked him if he had been drinking. The man told an officer that he had had two beers. He was given a roadside sobriety test and a breath test, where he blew a 0.20 — more than twice the legal limit.