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Disabilities Act seminar for businesses

Staff reports

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. – The city of South Lake Tahoe will host a learning session for businesses about the Americans with Disabilities Act from 10 a.m. to noon Wednesday.

The session will include a panel to discuss ADA. Panelists include:

• Dave Walker, Building Official of the City of South Lake Tahoe and a Certified Access Specialist.

• Lisa E. Sennott, Attorney at Law that works here for Laub & Laub specializing in ADA cases.

• Bill Kolstad, owner/broker for A to Z insurance company

• Brian Shinault, Architect and a Certified Access specialist.

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• David Kelly, President of TACCD and a disabled member of the public.

The seminar will cover the priorities of accessibility and what the state and the federal governments require. Attendees will also get an explanation of what a unreasonable hardship is and when it can be applied. Interpretation of a Certified Access Specialist program Report and how to use it will also be covered. The session will also clarify Tahoe Regional Planning Agency coverage issues in dealing with ADA upgrades

The session aims to clear up myths on who needs to comply with accessibility requirements.

Sennott discuss how to handle a suit, proper procedure on how to respond, costs associated with a suit and lease agreements.

Kolstad will discuss what most companies will cover in a lawsuit and the improvements.

To find out more contact the city’s development services department at 530-541-7524.