DMV to change registration |

DMV to change registration

Susan Wood

The California Department of Motor Vehicles is planning to roll out information this month that details a new method for registering commercial vehicles, along with boat, horse and utility trailers.

Beginning Dec. 31, the DMV will register commercial motor vehicles based on the gross vehicle weight – not the vehicle’s year or book value.

Vehicles with a combined gross weight – trailer and contents – of 10,001 to 15,000 pounds will cost a user $257. The sliding scale climbs to $1,700 for a weight range between 75,001 and 80,000 pounds.

The user will also pay a fixed fee of $82, which represents registration fees collected on trailers under the current plan.

Pickups, lightweight trucks, vans, taxis and rental limousines weighing less than 10,000 pounds are excluded.

The change in the fee structure is linked to the Commercial Vehicle Registration Act, the federal government’s answer to uniformity among all states.

DMV spokesman Steve Haskins said the process was established in Sept. 29, 2000 to coincide with fee structures set up by other states.

Phil Odion of Pro Truck Licensing in South Lake Tahoe, who handles trucking companies like Tahoe Sand and Gravel, has somewhat of a different view.

“They may be trying to bring California on line with what other states charge. But typically, when they do something like this, it means they’re overcharging people in certain groups to such an extreme, this is their way of making good on it,” Odion said.

DMV will begin to send renewal notices in October.

Another part of the new law establishes a permanent trailer identification program that allows a boat, camp or horse trailer owner to register once every five years. A user will pay an initial flat fee of $20 and $10 for each five-year period thereafter.

Renewal notices will be sent to the owner two months prior to the current registration’s expiration date.

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