Dog incident escalates to gunfire |

Dog incident escalates to gunfire

A 46-year-old Fairfield man was taken into custody by El Dorado County sheriff’s deputies after allegedly firing three shots at men he believed to have run over his Irish setter with a snowmobile.

Quinn Kevin Thacker was walking his dog on Sierra Pines Road on Monday when the animal got away from him and his wife. Thacker looked for dog by following tracks. The tracks ran into the marks of a snowmobile, a deputy skids.

The snowmobile was being used by Albert Miller and David Jewett who were loading goods from a cabin to a truck. During one of their multiple trips, the men allegedly encountered Thacker. He reportedly asked Miller and Jewett if they had seen the dog, which they had earlier. He wrote down the truck’s license plate in case he needed to contact them, the deputy said.

After another trip from the cabin, Miller and Jewett were loading the truck when they heard a long bang. Behind them, about 30 feet away, stood Thacker with a Glock 9mm handgun with laser sight, the deputy said.

Miller asked Thacker about the bang.

“It’s a gun and I’m going to shoot you,” Thacker allegedly said. “My dog’s tracks end here and your snowmobile tracks are here. You ran over my dog and pitched her.”

Miller told the deputy he turned his back to Thacker and started walking away when he heard two more shots. He turned around to see Thacker’s wife pushing him up Sierra Pines Road.

When deputies and a California Highway Patrol officer arrived, Thacker said he was defending himself because Miller and Jewett were coming at him menacingly. He said he fired six rounds into a snowbank to scare them off, even though a deputy found three bullet casings on the road.

Thacker and his wife said they had three glasses of wine each before the incident occurred, according to the deputy. He was arrested on assault with a deadly weapons charge and booked into El Dorado County Jail.

Thacker’s dog was found at home.

In other news:

n The identity of a 49-year-old woman who died after reportedly hitting a tree with her snowmobile was Pine Grove resident Valerie Des’Voignes, an Alpine County sheriff’s deputy said.

Des’Voignes was sledding with a partner when she hit a tree at 20 mph after her snowmobile left the groomed trail on Highway 4 near Alpine Lake on Monday.

An autopsy will be performed. The California Highway Patrol is investigating the accident.

n A 32-year-old Soquel, Calif., man was reportedly driving recklessly on Highway 50 in Meyers. He was spotted passing cars in the center passing lane.

n An organized snowball fight Monday on Highway 50 in the casino corridor resulted in one arrest, Douglas County authorities said.

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