Douglas County candidate disputes claims against him |

Douglas County candidate disputes claims against him

Kurt Hildebrand / The Record-Courier

A builder running for the Douglas County Commission said claims that he has numerous master-plan amendments are exaggerated.

Greg Lynn, who is running for the District 1 commission seat, said he has one amendment since the plan was approved in 1996.

Lynn responded to comments by Sustainable Growth Committee Co-Chairwoman Judy Sturgis that he’d “had his hand in the cookie jar” when it came to amendments.

“After the master plan was adopted, Pleasantview was all half-acre lots,” Lynn said. “But when the final maps came out, the zoning had been changed to 2-acre lots. I was told I had to file a master-plan amendment, got it rezoned, and I haven’t had one since.”

A letter appearing in The Record-Courier ( accuses Lynn of trying to scare voters over the flood-plain ordinance before the county.

In her letter, Jeannie Shizuru, wife of Lynn’s opponent Dave Nelson, said Lynn’s platform statement in The Record-Courier’s primary election guide implied homeowners would have to get expensive hydraulic engineering done to remodel their kitchen or build a mother-in-law unit. The cost would be associated with obtaining a revision of federal flood maps.

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Both Lynn and Shizuru agree that the engineering would have to be done if it increases the value of the home by more than 50 percent.

“It depends on the value of the house,” Lynn said. “The county took the X-shaded zone out of the ordinance, which removes a whole bunch of people out of the flood zone.”

Members of the Sustainable Growth Committee claim Lynn is taking money from the Smart Growth Coalition, a group associated with the development community.

The accusation is based on an e-mail sent out by former Douglas County Commissioner Don Miner soliciting funds for Lynn, Blaine Spires and Mike Olson. Miner, who is working with Park Cattle on its master plan amendment, said in the e-mail that he would forward donations to the Smart Growth Coalition. However, in a recent mailing, the coalition endorsed only Olson and Spires, and not Lynn.