Douglas deputies search for suspect in road rage |

Douglas deputies search for suspect in road rage

Sheila Gardner

GARDNERVILLE – The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office is looking for a suspect in a road rage incident, accused of taking a baseball bat to the victim, who was treated for glass shards in his eyes.

According to Sgt. Tom Mezzetta, an anonymous caller reported Nov. 7 that two vehicles collided on Kittyhawk Avenue in Gardnerville and one driver was beating the other with a baseball bat. Deputies found broken glass, but no sign of the parties.

About 10 p.m., they were called to Carson Valley Medical Center where a 21-year-old victim was being treated.

He had small cuts on his face and his right eye was swollen shut. A red mark 5 inches in diameter covered his cheek.

Deputies smelled alcohol on his breath and he admitted drinking two 24-ounce beers over four hours.

He told deputies he was driving east on Waterloo and was being tailgated by the suspect. He said he “brake-checked” his vehicle and the suspect retaliated by flashing on his high beams.

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“This tactic only escalated an already undesirable situation,” Mezzetta said.

The drivers exchanged positions and continued antagonizing each other until the suspect stepped on his brakes and the victim ran into the back of the Chevrolet S10 pickup and sped away.

Near the intersection of Kittyhawk and Elges avenues, the suspect caught up with the victim and blocked his path with his truck.

According to the victim, the suspect pulled a baseball bat from the back of his truck and walked up to the driver’s side window ordering the victim out of his vehicle.

He refused and told the suspect he had insurance to pay for the damage.

The suspect struck the driver’s side window with the bat shattering the glass.

Broken glass cut the victim’s face and glass shards lodged in the victim’s eyes.

The victim finally exited his vehicle and the suspect ordered him to the ground.

He told the victim he had called deputies and threatened the victim several times with the bat.

While the young man was on the ground, the driver of the truck allegedly kicked the victim in the face and fled the scene.

A passenger in the victim’s truck helped him into his vehicle and drove him to the emergency room.

Mezzetta said motorists should never provoke or challenge an aggressive driver.

“Allow them to pass and create distance between yourself the other driver,” he said.

He said motorists should notify law enforcement of the incident providing a description of the driver, license plate number or description of the other vehicle and the direction of travel.

Info sought

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office is looking for information on the driver of a white Chevrolet S10 pickup in connection with a Nov. 7 road rage incident. The driver is described as a white man in his 30s, 6 feet tall, 220 pounds, with a goatee. Anyone with information is asked to call the sheriff’s office at (775) 782-9911 or Secret Witness at (775) 782-7463.