Douglas voters to face touch-screen polls in primary |

Douglas voters to face touch-screen polls in primary

Susie Vasquez

MINDEN – Primary election day is Sept. 7, and voters will be using the new computerized touch-screen machines for the first time.

For those facing the voting booth with any level of trepidation, the following is a brief description of the process.

— A poll worker will take the voter’s name and other pertinent information, then provide the voter with a specially programmed voter card the size and shape of a credit card.

— Once the voter is in the booth and a screen has appeared on the computer, the voter card can be inserted into the yellow slot on the lower left corner of the machine.

— The computer will ask the voter to choose a language preference by touching the box of choice.

— The voting process begins. The computer will bring up only those ballots the voter is qualified for. The information was programmed into the voter card by the poll worker.

Using the touch screen, the voter makes selections from each category. Double voting has been eliminated because once a candidate is selected, other options disappear from the screen.

The computer notifies the voter of any perceived errors, such as voting for one candidate when two could be chosen.

When finished with one ballot, the voter touches the “next” button to go to the next screen, or the “review” button to view the selections. If changes need to be made, touch the screen to select the appropriate ballot.

Once a ballot comes up, the vote can be changed.

— The voter can touch the screen to cast the ballot, then wait while the vote is recorded.

— The voter will then remove the voter card and return it to the pollworker. The card will be reprogrammed and the machine will automatically get ready for the next voter.

These machines were developed by Sequoia Voting Systems, a company that provides election services in more than thirty-five states and has more than 48,000 electronic voting machines deployed across the nation.

Sequoia is a subsidiary of De La Rue, PLC, a global leader in providing tamperproof government documents and secure cash handling and processing technologies.

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