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Dr. Funkenstein fights back at publishers, returns to MontBleu with 22-member Parliament Funkadelic

George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic play Thursday, March 22 in the MontBleu Theatre.

George Clinton and his fans aren’t the only ones who want the funk. Publishers want it, along with royalties, too.

“We have copywrite issues with the old publishers, all them samples from rappers,” said Clinton, who said he has no animosity toward musicians. “The rappers, they pay for the music.”

Also known as Dr. Funkenstein, Mr Wiggles the Worm and Lollipop Man, Clinton said he has taken his case to Congress.

“It’s one thing to rip off (music) and put it on a record but now they are ripping off copyrights,” he said. “They dont’ have any checks and balances for people who just go in there change stuff and you can’t do anything about it. We’ve got Congress now looking ito changing it, putting some laws up. We’ve gotta lot of cases coming up. We want to make people aware so at least it won’t happen to any other artist.”

Clinton and the 22-member Parliament Funkadelic return to the MontBleu Theater for the fifth time in as many years Thursday, March 22.

“I need oxygen when I get there but I’ll be all right,” Clinton told Lake Tahoe Action. “I love it up there.”

At the age of 70, Clinton isn’t ready to retire to a La-Z-Boy recliner and play with his grandchildren. Instead, his granddaughter and grandson tour and perform with him.

“You know, all these youngsters in the group, they’ve been doing this new funk stuff,” Clinton said. “It’s a three-hour show, a four-hour show. (The drummers), they bang for days. They love doing it, so it’s easy for them.”

Parliament Funkadelic fills the stage, but Clinton said there is room for more, sending out a public invitation to his South Lake Tahoe friend Trey Stone to join the jam.

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