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Drink of the Week: Naked Fish’s Dirty Lychee

Naked Fish's Dirty Lychee.
Rob Galloway / Tahoe Daily Tribune

In our Drink of the Week segment, we’ll showcase one unique type of beer, wine, cocktail — you name it — to try at one of the countless breweries, bars and restaurants from around the basin.

If you are staring at the name of this drink and find yourself wondering just what exactly a lychee is, you are probably not alone. The lychee is a small fruit from Southeast Asia and I wish I had the best description for what it tastes like. But the thing is, all you need to know is that it gives you a combination of sweet and tart, and it particularly plays well with tropical flavors.

This especially comes in handy when mingling with the drink’s other ingredients: Tahoe Blue Vodka, Sho Chiku Bai, coconut rum, lemon, and finished off with a smoked sea salt rim.

On the onset, there’s not a whole lot of penetrating smells – everything is somewhat muted. It’s reminiscent of Space Mountain at Disneyland, because you don’t know exactly what you’re in for until it revs up and gets going.

All the flavors come at you like a street gang, smacking those flavor receptors in all different directions. It seems at first like it’s going to be heavy, but it lifts off in the middle and finishes extremely light.

The lychee and the lemon pair up for a pucker punch, but the coconut rum, sake, and vodka to a degree, mellow them out just enough to keep everything in the right lane.

The kicker might be the smoked sea salt rim. While all the tastes are coming at you at warp speed, the smokiness of that salt balances everything out like a bookkeeper’s checkbook to slow it all down.

Every drink definitely is a ride for the taste buds, but if you like that roller coaster feeling then I suggest putting your hands in the air and letting this drink push you around the track. Who wants a flat roller coaster ride, anyway?

The Naked Fish is located at 3940 Lake Tahoe Boulevard in South Lake Tahoe. For menu and other information, visit them online at thenakedfish.com or give them a call at 530-541-3474.

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