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DVD educates visitors, homeowners on bears

Defenders of Wildlife is releasing a new DVD entitled “Living with Black Bears in the Tahoe Region” to mark Bear Awareness Week, May 15-21.

The DVD, which includes both English and Spanish versions of the program, was produced for use in employee and volunteer trainings, U.S. Forest Service ranger stations, and elementary school curriculum.

“The ‘Living with Black Bears’ DVD will enhance bear awareness for those who visit and live in bear country,” said Cynthia Wilkerson, California Representative for Defenders of Wildlife. “This presentation includes simple tips that residents and visitors can use to minimize conflicts with black bears in the Tahoe area. We hope that people will take responsibility for sharing habitat with bears by adopting these guidelines into their daily lives. Increasing bear awareness in Tahoe will improve the quality of life for both bears and humans.”

Some of the bear awareness steps include never feeding bears, properly securing and storing garbage until collection day, using bear-proof containers for food and trash while traveling in the backcountry, keeping pet food inside, and avoiding the use of bird feeders from early spring through late fall, when bears are active.

Defenders of Wildlife is a member of the Tahoe Council for Wild Bears, whose goal is to keep bears alive and wild by reducing human/bear conflicts in the Tahoe region through a community education campaign and conservation program. For information on how to bear-proof your property, camping tips, where to find bear-proof containers, and much more, visit the TCWB Web site at http://www.tahoewildbears.org.

To get a copy of “Living with Black Bears in the Tahoe Region,” contact Pamela Flick at (916) 313-5805 or pflick@defenders.org.

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