El Dorado supervisors narrow redistricting maps

Eric Jaramishian
Mountain Democrat

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. — El Dorado County is another step closer to curating redistricting lines after its Board of Supervisors chose to make tweaks to the second revision of the El Dorado Hills Community Draft alternative map.

The El Dorado Hills Community Draft alternative second revision splits the community of El Dorado Hills along White Rock Road. North of White Rock Road, District 1 would include Serrano, Lake Hills and the Bass Lake communities.

District 2 would retain the El Dorado Hills population south of White Rock Road, including Blackstone, Heritage and Four Seasons, along with Cameron Park and much of south county, including Somerset, Pleasant Valley and Grizzly Flat.

District 3 includes Placerville, El Dorado/Diamond Springs and the Missouri Flat area to the west, south to Sly Park Road and the North Fork of the Cosumnes River, east to Camino and Cedar Grove, and north to the South Fork of the American River.

District 4 combines Shingle Springs, Rescue and communities that make up and the majority of north county.

District 5 would get the Pollock Pines and Sly Park communities along with with South Lake Tahoe and the Tahoe Basin.

Based off a city-based map and the El Dorado Hills Community maps from the Nov. 3 redistricting workshop, four revised alternative county redistricting maps were presented to the supervisors for consideration.

At the Nov. 16 public hearing, supervisors immediately dismissed the first revision for the El Dorado Hills Community alternative map with almost no discussion, also tossing the first revision of the city-based alternative map since it would lump Bass Lake into District 2.

District 4 Supervisor Lori Parlin pointed out that the area where Malcom Dixon Road meets with Green Valley is put into her district in the second revision of the city-based alternative map.

“In my mind, that’s not keeping El Dorado Hills in one district, so that’s problematic,” Parlin said.

Supervisors set aside the second city-based revision to discuss the clear favorite of the four revised maps among the supervisors, the second revision of the El Dorado Hills Community Draft Alternative map.

Chair/district 1 Supervisor John Hidahl said the most sought after map he heard from the public was the second revised draft of the EDH Community alternative map. Hidahl recommended adding the El Dorado Hills business park, which is south of White Rock Road, to District 1.

“You can tie in the business park as part of District 1, which has historically been District 1, and that wouldn’t change the population,” Hidahl said. “That’s a tweak that just moves the boundary. It doesn’t change any of the numbers.”

Hidahl said he hasn’t heard input from anyone at business park.

Most who wrote in for public comment about the maps generally favored the second revision of the El Dorado Hills Community alternative, stating that they appreciate how it keep Shingle Springs in District 4, keeps Cameron Park unified and keeps the north part of El Dorado Hills and eastern Bass Lake Road in District 1.

After deliberating following public comment, the board provided direction to county staff to move forward with tweaking the second revision of the El Dorado Hills Community Draft map to include the business park in El Dorado Hills in District 1, keep Rescue north of Green Valley Road together in District 4, to keep the northern portion of Pleasant Valley in District 2 and to have District 3 go out to Cold Springs if District 4’s population needs to be adjusted.

The board also recommended to staff come up with two maps based on the prospected map to be discussed Dec. 7. The deadline for the county to submit a map is Dec. 15.

View redistricting map alternatives at

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