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False alarm could cost homeowners, businesses

William Ferchland

Owners of houses or businesses with security systems in the city limits of South Lake Tahoe must buy a permit or face fines if police respond to false alarms.

In April 2005, the City Council passed an ordinance aimed to curb the number of false alarms, about 2,000 annually, by fining repeat offenders $50 after the third offense. The ordinance is now in effect.

“If there is a response to an alarm which has no permit the owner may be mailed a notice for a $250 fee,” Lt. Terry Daniels wrote in a statement. “This fee may be waived immediately however if a property owner obtains a permit within 10 days.”

No fines have been handed out but a new software system at the police department will help monitor calls related to alarms and send notices, Daniels stated.

Applications for an alarm permit can be obtained at the department, located at 1352 Johnson Blvd., for $10.

“This ordinance is not designed or intended to be a revenue producer for the city but a way for us to keep our city safe without using resources unnecessarily,” Daniels stated.