Family makes meal out of crawdads caught at Lake Tahoe |

Family makes meal out of crawdads caught at Lake Tahoe

Poppy, the granddaughter of Kerry and Alex Gilfillan, of Carson City, holds up a crawdad she caught at Lake Tahoe.
Provided / Kerry Gilfillan

The Gilfillans of Carson City did their part to keep Lake Tahoe blue this summer by catching a bucket full of crawdads, an invasive species that is delicious.

The Gilfillans, Kerry and Alex, had family come stay with them this summer to escape the heat and humidity of Boston, including two of their granddaughters Poppy and Sofia and daughter Amy.

The granddaughters went to summer camp at Zephyr Point and learned how to fish for crawdads, the old fashioned way with a stick, a piece of string and a bit of meat.

The family then went out on the lake together and spent some time fishing for the crustaceans. They were amazed at how many they caught in an hour.

They took home their fresh catches, cooked them, then added them to macaroni and cheese leftovers from Hard Rock Café and said they were delicious.

Scientists say there are roughly 300 million crayfish in Lake Tahoe as the Tribune reported last year.

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