Fish tacos that even a 4-year-old will eat |

Fish tacos that even a 4-year-old will eat

Amanda Skiba
Tribune News Service
Amanda Skiba

My 4-year-old daughter loves fish tacos, so I came up with a recipe of my own. I have a great fish marinade I’ve used for awhile and I recently came up with a jalapeno aioli for my little brother. The combination of fresh, light fish with creamy spicy coleslaw works so well together.

Fish tacos in restaurants are usually made with mahi-mahi, which is firm and has a mild flavor. So out I went to find U.S.-caught mahi at the stores, because that is what the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch guide recommends instead of imported mahi. (If you have an iPhone, there is a free app for the Seafood Watch guide, I highly recommend it).

For those of you who do not want to carry around a guide, I’ve noticed a few things that are probably safe rules to follow when a list is not in tow. Try to purchase the following:

– U.S.-caught fish, rather than imported.

– Fish that is “troll or pole-and-line gear” caught (if you can find out).

– Stick with wild-caught fish rather than farmed fish. Apparently there are environmental concerns related to farming some fish, plus wild fish are usually healthier for you.

Also of note, the higher up on the food chain the fish, the higher levels of mercury the fish will likely have: swordfish, shark, rock cod (is really shark), sturgeon, rockfish. (According to the Seafood Watch guide, rockfish is marketed as red snapper or Pacific snapper, but there are no snappers on the U.S. West Coast, so if it’s marked as Pacific – it’s rockfish and high in mercury).

I wasn’t able to find U.S. caught mahi in Carson City, so I went against the rules and purchased Peru Mahi – this time. Next time I will opt to make it up to Whole Foods to try my luck there (or you can choose another white fish such as cod, halibut – Pacific, not California – or even shrimp).

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