Friday the 13th: The Fear is Somewhat Catching |

Friday the 13th: The Fear is Somewhat Catching

The fear of Friday the 13th is called paraskevidekatriaphobia. According to, some people refuse to go to work on Friday the 13th, some won’t eat in restaurants and many wouldn’t think of setting a wedding on the date.

Yes I have this phobia. You see it all started when I was about 13 years old working with my dad in his store in Lake Wood, New Jersey. He had a luncheonette and I was the child waitress. I remember this well. It was Friday the 13th; all was well, when suddenly I noticed, out of the corner of my eye, my dad was carrying about 30 plates from behind the kitchen. I watched as he balanced himself moving one foot in front of the other, swaying to and fro. When suddenly – crash – all the dishes all came tumbling to the floor. He screamed and yelled some wild things, then he stared straight at me and said, “It’s the curse of Friday the 13th.”

I was scared. I mean, I way young – I never knew what a curse was until that day. I swear my dad transferred his fear to me. As I grew older, something off the wall happened to me on every Friday the 13th.

I wrote about this experience in my book, “Dare to be Different.”

It was in the early 60s. I recall it was the second year of my first marriage to my husband Bob. Something happened that devastated me, and changed my whole life. The day was Friday the 13th.

It was early in the morning; my car refused to start and I was forced to ride the bus to work in Los. Angeles. That afternoon I got fired from my part-time job. On the long bus ride home, I wondered how I was going to tell my husband that I was no longer working.

Once home, I tried my car again. It started. I was happy that something had gone right. As I prepared to leave to pick up my husband at his work, the phone rang.

My best friend Toni was on the line. She spoke with extreme urgency.

“Dayle please come to my house right away. Something terrible has happened. I can’t talk about this on the phone,” she said.

I immediately changed my course of action from picking up my husband to speeding to Toni’s apartment.

I arrived at Toni’s apartment. She had tears in her eyes.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

I thought someone had died. I was shocked by her answer.

She blurted out, “Dayle, your husband and I had a short affair.”

I didn’t hear another word she said. Her voice faded as I thought back over the day’s events. It really was Friday the 13th.

I left her apartment expressionless. I reached for my car keys praying my car would start once again.

Toni shouted, “Well aren’t you going to leave him?”

I never answered just kept walking.

My head began to spin. I know Toni wouldn’t lie. On the other hand, I also knew Bob loved me.

I approached Bob’s workplace and waited patiently for his shift to end. I explained about Toni. Bob’s head was down; he said it was a big mistake and that she called him to fix something in her apartment. When she answered the door she was hardly wearing anything. The rest was history.

Just another day in the life of my Friday the 13th – something I will never forget.

It’s a great day in Lake Tahoe. But it’s Friday the 13th.

– Dayle Schear is an internationally known psychic and television personality who has worked extensively with “Hard Copy.” She is the author of five books, including “The Psychic Within” and “An Angel Over the Airwaves.” Her website is

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