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‘Funniest movie this year’

Forget James Bond and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Buzz and Woody are where it’s at.

“Toy Story 2” is every bit as good as its 1995 predecessor. The computer-generated film surely has more action than Schwarzenegger’s “End of Days.” And even though no actors grace the screen during its 85 minutes, “Toy Story 2” undoubtedly has stronger, more well-developed characters than the latest Bond movie, “The World is Not Enough” – even though that character has been around for 18 previous movies.

So what if it is rated G, “Toy Story 2” is a wild ride and funnier than any movie that’s been out this year.

The movie takes us on another adventure with spaceman Buzz Lightyear (the voice of Tim Allen) and cowboy Woody (Tom Hanks), the two favorite toys of a young boy named Andy. In the previous installment, they were often at odds but became good friends when pitted against the evil toy-torturing kid next door.

In the new one, “Woody” – an old, rare toy – is kidnapped by a crazed toy collector. Buzz and a band of toys head out into the world to find him, before mischievous Al of Al’s Toy Barn (Wayne Knight) sells him to a collector in Tokyo.

Along the way, a series of hilarious obstacles pops up. New characters are introduced along the way. Buzz faces Zorg, the scary bad guy in his toy line, and a newer Buzz Lightyear model. Woody discovers he was once a famous toy and is reunited with his posse: horse Bullseye, cowgirl Jessie (Joan Cusack) and old prospector Sneaky Pete (Kelsey Grammer).

The adventures include a perilous street-crossing expedition, an attempt to walk silently across a floor littered with crunchy cheese sticks and a thrilling chase on a baggage carousel at the airport, all difficult tasks for toy-sized … well… toys.

Children will love the film, and there are a few allusions – think “Jurassic Park” and “Star Wars” – for adults who may be looking for something more.

The movie also seems to poke fun at collectors who buy toys, never take them out of the box and hope they become valuable.

Toys are for for having fun with, the movie says to its viewers, enjoy them.

That’s what movies are for, too – fun for people to enjoy.

That’s a mission “Toy Story 2” accomplishes with considerably more ease – but no less success – than its comic characters Buzz and Woody do in their adventure.

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