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‘Furlough Your Car Fridays’ encouraged by city and chamber

South Lake Tahoe residents are encouraged to reduce their car usage every Friday from July 2 to Sept. 3 by carpooling, telecommuting, biking or using alternative transportation to get to/from work and around town.

The campaign is spearheaded by the Lake Tahoe South Shore Chamber of Commerce’s Green Business Cooperative and the City Sustainability Commission.

“Fridays in summertime are some of the most congested days on the road in South Shore,” said David Hansen, co-chair of the Green Business Cooperative. “If residents can work together to reduce their vehicle miles traveled by carpooling or staying out of their cars entirely, we will have a positive impact on both the environment and the visitor experience.”

Local businesses are encouraged to enable their employees to telecommute if appropriate. Locals can also reduce vehicle miles traveled by carpooling with co-workers, biking, or using alternative transportation to get to/from their place of work and organizing carpools with other locals for afternoon and evening activities.

Additionally, local business people are encouraged to walk to lunch, schedule web or conference calls rather than in-person meetings, and take care of errands on a different day.

“Beyond reducing vehicle miles, Furlough Your Car Fridays can build community,” said Claire Fortier, vice-chairman of the Sustainability Commission. “Walking or riding a bike focuses us on our town, which, in turn, builds safer and friendlier neighborhoods and helps support our local businesses. On Fridays, let’s get out of our cars and get to know our neighbors. It’s the first step toward a more sustainable community.”

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B Gorman, chamber president, said runoff from roadways is one of the main contributors to the degradation of lake clarity.

“Every car that stays off the road will help,” she said. “If residents can plan to commute together or use some other method of getting from here to there, we’ll take a major step forward in our efforts to become a greener community.”

Residents are encouraged to track their reduction in vehicle miles by posting a comment in the Furlough Your Car Friday discussion tab of the chamber’s Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/tahoechamber .