Game’s Tahoe appearance canceled |

Game’s Tahoe appearance canceled

Editor’s note: Due to for unforeseen technical difficulties this afternoon MontBleu Resort Casino & Spa canceled the Friday, Oct. 28 appearance of “Game.” Customers who purchased tickets will be refunded or can exchange tickets for upcoming shows of equal or lesser value at MontBleu. For questions call the MontBleu Box Office at 775-588-3515. MontBleu apologies for any inconvenience and appreciates the ongoing support of its loyal customers.

Game had no shortage of trials and tribulations growing up, including getting shot multiple times.

During his recovery, he was able to study the art of rapping and hip-hop, which began his quest in the rap game. Game was able to cover all his bases by studying influential rappers from both the East and West Coast. While speaking with Lake Tahoe Action he mentioned an array of influences.

“Anyone from the entire hip-hop generation in the ’90s,” he said “Anybody from Too Short to Spice 1, from Ice Cube to Eazy E to E40 to Jay Z, DMX, Ja Rule – everybody, man. Hip-hop was such a dope space from 1994 to 2006.

“It had a 12-year run of just being so classic, and after that it just kind of went left and right. Now your grandma and auntie can be rappers, too. All they need is a YouTube video to be discovered. I come from an era where everything was classic and dope, and those were my influences.”

With such a variety of styles from so many different influences, Game took it all in to create his own rap style.

Where does he get his “game?”

“I’m just the Game, a man of many hats and faces,” he said. “I’m a multi-faceted hip-hop artist. I appreciate a lot of music and listen to a lot of different music, so when I put out an album that’s just what it sounds like. I work with a lot of different people, people that I haven’t worked with, people that I love working with and people that I’ve worked with in the past, helping create that cool blend.”

Even with hip-hop constantly changing and evolving, Game said he has become a “chameleon” to it.

“I just blend in when things change face, I become sort of that and what it is without letting it take away from who I am as a hip-hop artist. I just blend in.”

Game also gave a hint of his softer side when asked about some of the young, up-and-coming rappers living the dangerous gang life.

“To each his own, but these days I do it for the , you know. …One child at a time. It helps move them and hopefully change the face of the future. If I can save or inspire one kid to do something out of the box, where productivity is fueled by positively, who knows, they could be the next Barack Obama.

“I always keep kids on my mind first, especially my own. I love kids, man. I was a kid and nobody really did that for me and if I had a little push, or a little help, or a little inspiration, that would have been really cool for me. I just try to do as much as I can.”

A common conception in the rap game is that rappers tend to be doing it for the money. That may be right, but even when he’s getting paid the big bucks, Game doesn’t forget about who’s important in his life.

“To some extent we’re all doing it for the money. We’re not doing this for free unless your name is Mother Theresa. Mine’s not. I also have kids and a woman to take care of, as well as my immediate family, and then my whole entourage of homies that I have to look out for, so I’m not doing anything for free, but my heart is full, and it’s whole, and it’s big, and I’m always doing things just off of how I feel and what’s in my heart. I love to do it. Some things are done for free when I know there’s no financial gain for anyone else. Now if someone’s making money off of something and they’re utilizing me, then I want in. That’s just how I look at it.”

Over the years, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding which coast rules the hip-hop world. In Game’s eye’s, it all seems to be old beef.

“As far as that whole East, South, West competition goes, I see no competition,” he said. “I look at the United States as a whole. Actually, I look at the world as a whole and hip-hop is stronger than geographic boundaries. It doesn’t matter which coast or who’s who, or the down South, or the East Coast. That’s what got Biggie and Pac killed.”

As far as the West Coast goes, “and with Dre still trying to complete Detox, and Snoop still touring and still being a figure in hip-hop, and Cube doing his thing, and Pac being the legend that he is now with the new kids, Kendrick Lamar being a force in “The City”, and Tyler the Creator and the whole Odd Future doing his thing, and Glasses Malone, and Jay Rock, the West Coast hip-hop scene is in a good place. We’ve got a lot of good young talent.”

Even with “The R.E.D. album being such a huge success, Game has another album in him, but this time without the collaborations.

“It won’t have any name drops or anybody featured on it, so we’re going to see how that fairs in this environment,” he said. “I just want to take an album to the head and do it solo, and just have everything done by myself.”

Fans can also look forward to him making his way back on the big screen, telling Action, “I just started reading scripts again. My kids are now at the age where they are getting less dependent upon me and they’re just rocking and going to school outside of my daughter being a baby. Hopefully I’ll be casted and hopefully I’ll kill it when I do, so hopefully soon.”

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