Gardnerville man sentenced for stealing from casino |

Gardnerville man sentenced for stealing from casino

by Merrie Leininger, Tribune News Service

Scott C. Jacobs, 42, of Gardnerville was given a suspended 1 year jail sentence and probation not to exceed three years after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit theft, a gross misdemeanor, in Douglas District Court Monday.

Jacobs was an employee at Lakeside Inn in Stateline when he was arrested for taking money from a slot machine. After a long investigation, the security officers caught Jacobs on camera with a slot machine key he was not supposed to have.

Jacobs was charged with one theft of about $200, but Lakeside management have accused him of taking up to $200,000. Jacobs admitted to taking about $2,000 and told Judge Michael Gibbons he would pay that money back. Lakeside is attempting to get more money through a civil case.

“Mr. Jacobs is an excellent example of someone who is a cunning criminal that the justice system has difficulty prosecuting,” said Michael Bradford, president of Lakeside. “I was once one of his most ardent supporters. We trusted him implicitly. He was given responsibility and authority at the highest level. Trust is really what he has stolen from us.”

Jacobs’ attorney, Michael Roeser, attempted to downplay the effect of the theft on the Lakeside.

“I have seen lots of cases of theft of casinos, and lots of cases from the Lakeside, but I have never seen such an outpouring of anger. The feelings expressed are not justified. This case should be judged and evaluated based on the type of person and type of theft involved,” Roeser said.

Deputy District Attorney Kris Brown said she has also dealt with many casino theft cases, and the Lakeside is an exception because they have a family atmosphere among the employees.

“(At other casinos) a theft isn’t felt personally by employees. The Lakeside is more like a family. They do have that feeling that their trust was violated,” Brown said.

Jacobs apologized.

“I’d like to say I’m very sorry. I did do wrong. I have no excuse for what I did. I’m sorry they feel the way they do,” Jacobs said.

While on probation, Jacobs will have to pay court fees, $2,189 in restitution, submit to search and seizure for stolen property, cheating devices or alcohol, complete 100 hours of community service within the first year, not gamble or be in casinos, notify his employer of this conviction if he works with money and spend 10 days in jail within the first 60 days.

“There has to be some jail time. I know many people will say it is not long enough, but for someone who has never been to jail before, it is simply symbolic. It sends a message that someone who steals needs to see the inside of a jail,” Gibbons said.

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